Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anything can give you courage!

Believe me when I say that anything can give you courage to be yourself and change the world! To me, it was a cartoon character who did it! Starting ten years ago... Because of that show, I believe that everything is possible, I just have to believe in me! What about you? Does anything inspire(d) you to do what's right and change the world?

Monday, June 18, 2012

What knowlege does!

I was hearing my mom talking on the phone with my cousin about my works about bullying at school and how they were the best on the whole school. And I heard things that made me remember everything that happened on the days I showed the students my works. Some of them changed! They saw how mean they were without even knowing it and they came to me saying they wouldn't hurt anyone anymore! The guys who used to bully me, some of them came to me apologizing even! Some cried when they saw how many teens and kids killed themselves because of being joked with no reason! My friends promised they wouldn't joke with anyone. We started a lot of anti-bullying projects by works, and showing them to other students. I just shared my story and said that if someone jokes to someone else for being fat, they have to remember that somebody else jokes with them for being too thin! I just told them that no one is guilty for being fat, for being born with a problem or for being ugly! Because if we see inside, those who are called ugly are the most beautiful people you can ever meet! It's not just because you wear some expensive jeans that make you someone big in life, but if you share love and helping hands it will make you even bigger than what you can ever imagine!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Your help to drugs!

Drugs are not good. Neither for me, neither for you or for our community! Drugs destroy our lives and our future. Even our past is destroyed with them: all the plans, goals, education, friends, and much more are gone with drugs. DON'T let drugs destroy you!
-Follow the link (drugfreeworld.org) and order your Kit or learn more about drugs of the fundation.

-There are a lot of things you can do! You can go to the nearest hospital, you can tell a teacher, a good friend or you can call the HelpLine Drugs of your country. But if you prefer the internet, then follow those links:

(I'm sorry if I don't have your country here, but I didin't know more websites! :) Anyway, I think I could help!)


Look for help! Follow these websites or search you country's website!


Give them a help! Show them you are able, sho them you are there for them! Give some help!

God bless you all and may God help those in need!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Help me please!

Hello people! I need your help here. We all wanna fight this problem of drugs, right? At least I do and if you are reading this, then  I believe you do too. But there's this little problem... I know a few people who started consminig drugs, marijuana, to be precise. I feel I need to tell someone that can stop it but I am afraid! People like them are not people to deal with. They are bullies, my bullies, and if they know someone on drug traffic, it's dangerous!
I need your opinion about what I should do! Please HELP ME!
May God bless you all!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Funny thing (or not...) about bullying

This is the funny thing about bullying: if a girl on 6th grade uses a case of Barbie, she is joked, teared apart, called names... But if the bully, on 9th grade, does exactly the same, he is acclaimed as a hero, as the big guy, and it's impossible to know why!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

There is a boy here in Portugal who killed himself because of bullying. Everyday, he got punched and joked at his school. On March 22, he committed suicide drowning himself in the bath.
It's just unbelievable how it can get to this point! This young boy was suffering everyday just because of his music taste! He will be in my heart forever, just as all of the other bullycides! May God remember him and may He help his family and friends!
Martim, rest in peace! </3

Monday, April 2, 2012

10 best songs about bullying

Do you scream "Help me"? Do you hear cries for help? Is your wish helping? There is a way to fight against bullying, the way I use: MUSIC. Sing, play or write songs about it! That is the first step to the fight! But I believe you don't know any songs about bullying or related to it! According to you music taste, I will present here the 10 best songs about bullying that I have ever heard! There is a little description of each one for you to know if it's inside of your kind of music. According to it, choose a song and listen! But if you're like me, I'm sure you will enjoy them all!
  1. Hero by Superchick --> This is a rock song about bullying and it's my favourite. In it, you can see the point of view of a bullied girl, a bullied boy and the bully. There, the reasons of the acts are presented with the message that everybody can be a hero: you just have to choose!
  2. Don't Laugh At Me by Mark Wills --> Completely the opposite of the last song, this one has a country style. It shows everyone hurted speaking their feelings. There you will find a little boy and girl, a teenage mother, a kid who's always the last, and more, all of them hurted and joked by other just because of little problems in their lives that bullies make bigger: using glasses or braces, losing someone in the family... The message is nothing but the chorus: "Don't laugh at me, don't call me names, don't get your pleasure from my pain. In God's eyes we're all the same! Someday we'll all have perfect wings. Don't laugh at me!"
  3. When She Cries by Britt Nicole --> Here is a Pop song of one of my favourite singers. This song shows the life of a teenage girl who is bullied, but that nobody knows. She cries, she's desperate, she cuts herself, her life is nothing but an enormous sea of pain. She hides from the world and she feels that nobody is there for her. She never smiles, even on her birthday! But God is there for her and He will find a way to end that pain in her life, making the revenge that bullies deserve.
  4. Mean by Taylor Swift --> Another country song that shows the worldwide problem called bullying. There you can see how a victim feels, what they think about the bullies, but there is a message of hope in it because hurteds are encouraged to believe in a better day when their dreams will come true... Because those who have hurted them are nothing but mean and those hurts they made will end up healing!
  5. Miss Invisible by Marie Digby --> This is a very beautiful Pop song played with the piano showing how a girl feels about exclusion and how she tried to fit in. Her life at school is just sitting under the bleachers, eating alone and pretending she is busy as an excuse of being alone. And all the singer wants is those who joke to look at "miss always invisible" and realize what they are doing.
  6. Stole by Kelly Rowland --> In this R'n'B song, you can find some people whose lives were stole. A boy with unknown name, Mary, Greg, they were all victims whose lives were stole, one by one, and no one did anything to stop it. They all had great things: the boy was smart and always had good intentions, Mary could have been a movie star and Greg played basketball "as Kobe can", but those virtues were hid by the pain. Bullying literally stole their lives!
  7. You're Not Alone --> This is a very beautiful song with an unknown artist. If you want to hear it, click here. This is a bullied little girl saying what she feels, wondering if she should tell what she has been going through. She feels like a prisoner, with no freedom. But the message is that she is also hurted, not only you! As she says, "you're not alone, just like you, I'm hurted too".
  8. Who's Laughing Now by Jessie J --> This is Jessie J's best kind of Hip-Pop song. The song starts with the little girl telling her mother what she suffers at school. But then she becomes someone bigger, and suddenly, all the girls that hurted her in the past are running behind her, "proud" of her. But of course, the girl didn't let them use her again, because they deserved that revenge! She was hurted by them, now they are despised by her.
  9. Invisible by Skylar Grey --> This is a great Pop song about someone who tries everything to be noticed by others but even that way she is still invisible. She takes pills to be thin, she dyes her hair, she does everything, but she is still invisible. Only in her total loneliness she feels like a queen, she feels as it was real, but reality isn't that. The message on this song is that it's not worth it to try to be someone else because we end up invisible too. The best is to be ourselves and laugh at other's mean words!
  10. Hope For The Hopeless by A Fine Frenzy --> An amazing alternative song that shows that even when we are in our hardest moments, there is always hope. We can feel that the world is falling at our feet, but God will always provide a way to send rain away and bring a sunny day to your life! All you have to do is believe because "there's hope for the hopeless"!
Those are some of my favourite songs and if actually you know more songs that can be related to bullying don't hesitate on telling!
Keep on fighting! Use these songs to spread the word!

Don't forget to check out a video I made to a school work about bullying with the song Hero by Superchick! Click here: Bullying Hurts! - A picture says more than a thousand words!